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akiiii_no [userpic]

¥200 per photo
please be specific of which photo you want (best if there is a picture of it)
take orders of any johnny's group :)

*prices don't include shipping
**paypal only unless you have Japanese bank account

If interested feel free to comment or message me :)

akiiii_no [userpic]

Ikuo x ta-chan kewpie set : ¥2300
Red/blue/yellow bracelet : ¥4400

*prices don't include shipping
**paypal only unless you have Japanese bank account

If interested feel free to comment or message me :)

Deadline: 27th March 2015

akiiii_no [userpic]

For those who are interested in buying Arashi's new single which would be out on the 25th Feb feel free to leave a comment, PM me or email me (arashi.shoppp@gmail.com)

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 3.15.17 pm
First-run limited edition (CD+DVD) ¥1700 ***
01. Sakura
02. Rise and Shine
03. Rise and Shine (original karaoke)
Sakura  - video clip + making

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 3.15.26 pm
Regular edition (CD)¥1400
01. Sakura
02. 同じ空の下で
03. more and more
04. Sakura (original karaoke)
05. 同じ空の下で (original karaoke)
06. more and more (original karaoke)

*payment method: paypal only unless you have a japanese bank account
**price does not include shipping + packaging
*** orders for limited edition will end on the 31st Jan

akiiii_no [userpic]

Although the pre-order of Arashi digitalian goods is over however if anyone wants any special request for CDs, DVDs, magazine, J-shop photos feel free to comment, inbox, or email me (arashi.shoppp@gmail.com) :)

Fee: 10% more than original price + shipping + packaging

Payment method: Paypal unless you have Japanese Account


akiiii_no [userpic]

As you may know the new Pokemon center store is open in Ikebukuro!!!

If anyone is interested in buying any goods from the stores please feel free inbox me, email me (arashi.shoppp@gmail.com) or fill in this form

Fee: 10% above the original price of product + shipping and packaging fee

If possible please provide image of the product you want, so I can make sure I buy the right product :)

*Payment through Paypal only unless you have a Japanese account

Have fun shopping!

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akiiii_no [userpic]

THE DIGITALIAN コンサートグッズ Concert Goods
PRICES ARE OUT! All prices in Japanese Yen

-------- ¥2640

  Poster (6 kinds - group, individual) each
-------- ¥960

*クリアファイル (6)
  Clear files (6 kinds - group, individual) each
-------- ¥720

  Photo set (6 kinds) each
-------- ¥960
全員(嵐撮影)  - All members (by Arashi)
  相葉(大野撮影) - Aiba (by Ohno)
  松本(相葉撮影)  - Matsumoto ( by Aiba)
  二宮(松本撮影) - Ninomiya (by Matsumoto)
  櫻井(二宮撮影) - Sakurai (by Ninomiya)
  大野(櫻井撮影) - Ohno ( by Sakurai)

  Arashi fan light
-------- ¥3000

  Shopping Bag
-------- ¥2160

-------- ¥3360

-------- ¥1800

  Poche Bag
-------- ¥1200

  USB memory
-------- ¥3000

  Rolling stamp
-------- ¥960

  Stickers (5 sets (one set per member)) each
-------- ¥600

  Venue base medal brooch
-------- ¥720
(東京だけ/Tokyo only)

キッズライン (Kids line)
*ミニうちわ 6
-------- ¥480
Mini uchiwa (6 kinds - group, individual) each

-------- ¥720

ARASHI at National Stadium Kokuritsu LIVE photobook
-------- ¥3000

Deadline for pre-order: 15th December 2014 24:00 (JAPAN TIME GMT +9)
Deadline for payment: 17th December 2014 24:00 (JAPAN TIME GMT +9)

Prices will NOT include shipping and packaging
For those in Hong Kong please check out Want Some Coffee as we will do pick ups and prices include shipping

I am located in Tokyo so am only able to buy goods from Tokyo, I'm sorry for any inconvient cause

If interested please fill in the Google form to confirm order

Enjoy shopppppinnng!

akiiii_no [userpic]

It's been a while since I've made any post on LJ, so just thought might start posting more as I have moved to a new place for my masters degree (ys can't believe I'm already doing masters) and.... guess what I'm now in TOKYO!!!!

its like my dream to live in japan, espeically in tokyo :D so i am hoping to update more of my LJ on Japanese related stuff, especially Arashi~
and i may also do some selling/reports (if i get to go), of like concerts, shows, JE photos, magazine etc. but that is to be confirmed.

but yeah thats it for now :)


akiiii_no [userpic]

AHAHA recently i've been lazy ==;; so yeah FINALLY updating/posting about my grad trip~

Yep i went to tokyo for 5 days [June 4th - June 8th] eheheh for my 'grad trip' - it was super!!! really love it/will miss it~

well yeah here are the arashi related pics i took from the trip~ for those who are interested~ these include arashi related places i went to and arashi/johnny related stuff.

I also brought a bunch of arashi stuff~ if i have time i might scan those photobook etc. but now you'll only get to see the cover of it~

@harajuku~Collapse )

@shinjuku~Collapse )

@shibuya~Collapse )

@JFCCollapse )

@tower recordsCollapse )

@keikarouCollapse )

others...Collapse )


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akiiii_no [userpic]

finally i went to pic up my monster limited edition CD + DVD..

there wasnt any.. like CD shoot in it, like u know how usually there are like.. some photos in the lyrics book this time it was just lyrics xD oh well~ ahaah i still love the CD!!!

so yeah took a few pics of it~ so enjoy xDCollapse )

EXTRA PIC!!! arashi = everywhere!Collapse )


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akiiii_no [userpic]

okay i was goin to upload pics frm last week of school but never got to do that... but well ahahah this post isnt about me, its about arashi~ and their new show, arashi ni shiyagare.

Arashi ni shiyagareCollapse )

well today the 2nd ep aired and ehehe i manage to watched it~ and here are some screen caps from todays ep.
today's guest was... shimura ken~
drunk men? grannies? make up?!Collapse )



well thats it for today~ might upload my last week of school pics.. soon ehehe and yeah needa revise == exams coming in... 3 days~!!! yabai! ne~ cant wait for nxt week arashi ni shiyagare xD ahahah preview showed them in those boxing? mask... well anyway ^^

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