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akiiii_no [userpic]

well had my two weeks of easter holiday.. at the beginning i planned to study but then i think i can say that it has failed ==;;
xD anyways.. putting that aside i just read some news about arashi being the 'face of japan' ahahah so im like realyl happy!

basically its that arashi will be part of this tourist promotion program/activity, helping to promote people to go to japan [not like im not planning too xD] but yeah~ n this promotion will also show in east asia countries.. INCLUDING HONG KONG!!! yeah!!! so that means there's a chance where arashi will be on LOCAL TV!!! ahahaha!!! n maybe posters?!! or other stuff?! but yeh im so happy for them >< oh n for their news conference thingy they went today [sho, aiba, jun] they spoke in diff lang to kinda show how they are goin to promote japan, well more like a catch phrase ish kinda thing!! well sho spoke eng, n it was pretty good ^^ and aiba spoke chinese ahah it was funny, maybe cuz he kinda chose the 'wrong place' to pause his sentence, and matsujun spoke korean... but i duno korean so cant judge it lol! well anyway i cant wait for the promotions etc.!!!! n like i was reading comments of other people, like their comments on this promotion thing. n one said imagine seeing arashi's poster on promoting japan in narita airport!!!! ys since im planning to go to japan/tokyo in june ahah i hope i can see such poster!!! ><

well anyways.. i should go back to study n stop fan girling.. [like i can xD]


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emWQdL4SwME link to see the news clip [have them speaking diff lang xD]
credits to whoever so nice to upload it ><

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last ep of tokujo kabachi....

it was a good drama!!! although lots of legal terms.. but ahahah it was good!! [can help me 'prepare' for uni since i wanna do law xP - but nah japan law i THINK is diff frm UK law ==]
but the last scene...
mini spoiler?!Collapse )

yes! arashi no shukudai last ep >< it was touching!!! n funny!! ahahahah arashi n their bakaness
screen capssssssssCollapse )

ahahah mojimoji kun!! w/sho aiba n jun
sry no caps but ahahah its a must watch!!! [cant wait till subs] but yeah so funny!!!
arashi is soooooo no idol like but its the bakaness that i really like about them xP

well thats the 'highlights' for arashi [for me] this month kekek

aiya 2mrw no shukudai to watch >< but i'll still try n catch news zero [since my lovely sho-kun is in it xD]


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Since its my beloved Sho's bday i shall dedicate this post for him! well more like his pictures xD sho is hot sho is v hot sho is v v hot sho is v v v hot

so once again happy birthday!! <3 お誕生日オメデトウ!

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YEAH!!! its arashi debut anni~ but since my comp is broken n im using my mum's laptop i dnt have any pics to post >< well...
wish arashi the best of luck in the future~ we know that this isnt the end but the beginning of a more wonderful and bright future for them!!!
as a fan i will continue to support them!!!

yosh! ganbatte ne~

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akiiii_no [userpic]

changed a new layout..
once again thx tookimiyage

ahaha such a big sho on the left!!!

anyway i just finished watching quiz show!!!!
ys it was similar to season one... BUT A LOT BETTER!
lol as many ppl will agree - this season the 'case' seem more realistic and.. easy to follow. Also i guess maybe a higher chance of happening... i duno ><

IN the last ep... i cried a bit.. since it was.. 'touching' seeing honma and kamiyama crying like that - crying for their past for what they thought was wrong~ and also~ yoko's acting was so good esp when he was crying!!!!!!!! sho wasnt bad either!!!! ahahah

well.. a few more last ep of drama to watch... then a break and wait for the nxt bunch xD

!!! and sho has a new hair style (watching news zero) - v bad quality ==;;

ahah he looks younger~ yet... v pro keke maybe cuz its the suit

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ニノx大ちゃん 「大宮!」

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i was just watching himitsu - it was so funny!!!
talks about.. music/sounds.. very interesting ^^
it even mentioned ppl frm american idol like william hung ==;; and like ppl from american's got talent etc.

wel i just wanted to share one pic today kekeekke - cuz i was to busy laughing could only cap one ><

ahah yeah its sho!!! i think he was trying to imitate hard gay like his fyuuu~ action
but it was funny

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Just now i was listening to aiba-rekomen and guess what song was played at the end!!!
arashi's TOBIRA the bside song for Believe/曇りのち 快晴
i have this really really really bad rip of it - due to my keyhole bad connection ==
i dnt think i'll post it up.. i'll just wait for better ver. of it..
i wonder if jun will play it 2mrw on nack 5 kekekek

ah and!!!


hope everyone recieves loads of choco and love!!!

[frm latest duet 'march] ahahha

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akiiii_no [userpic]

えっと~翔くん今年 頑張って!
嵐の十年周年記念 楽しみたい~
いつも ありがとうございます!!!

since it's my beloved sho's bday!!!
shall spam my entry with sho pics ahahahha xP

was already v. attrative back then ~

and of course he grew sexier

still attractive in normal clothes

can't miss out his cute side

nor can you forget the silly side of him

it's always showing~

that crazy keio boy

how can we forget this pairing - sakuraiba my fav <3

the yama pair - so sweet

yama tarou pair!!! so cute back then

shoxjun keke 2 chibi kids back in johnny jr times

xP okay i found out i have loads of sho pics i wanna post but it slike.. 2 am so i kinda needa sleep~ might continue kekeke

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lol since its already 2009! in japan so..
first yr celebrating new year with Arashi [watching johnny countdown xP]
ahaha loads happen this yr~ started to fall in love with arashi this yr too!!!
so a ver. memorable yr..!!!

wish everyone the best of luck and wish arashi the best of luck in their 10th year!!!
hope they  come to HK for their concert or.. i hope i can go to watch them xP

jyaa~ ^^

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